My Bio

Annelise Marie Jorgensen

Also known as “Annelise Jr” is a cover model and actress in Los Angeles, California. After landing the cover of “M” magazine, a gig she booked the day she moved to Denmark in 2013, she pursued her new craft and has been full force since.

Since moving to LA, she has appeared in TV shows like “CSI”, Amazon’s “Beta”, MTV’s hit show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and in the NBC sitcom “A to Z”. When she’s not pushing her bubbly personality, she has modeled corsets for ABC’s “Castle” and acted alongside the great Robin Williams on “The Crazy Ones”.

Aside from the TV screen, Annelise Jr. keeps busy starring in sketches with some of the biggest YouTube stars, major label music videos, and short films.

Always looking to build and further the “Annelise Jr” brand, she is completing her Master’s Degree in Business from Colorado State University to help further her skill set and knowledge to help see how far she can go.